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So far, China airlines media has served many customers like real estate, luxury brand, premium automotive, Consumer electronics products, travel brand and the government, etc. All of them are well-known and world-famous brands.



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See what China Airlines Media has done for these amazing brands and companies, and what we could do for yours.

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V.I.P. Lounge TVC


V.I.P. Lounge Magazine and D.M. display


bp2 bp

Boarding Pass Prints

IMG_4144 IMG_4142 IMG_3323 IMG_3340 IMG_3312

V.I.P. Lounge product trial and special display

廣告頭套2 廣告頭套1

Cushion prints

0918-菩羅-LG HDTV-30SEC.mpg_20140210_124336.328 VTS_01_0.BUP_20130521_172425.203 0807_國泰世華銀行 Costco聯名卡_問題篇_30秒主題片_(華航)_H264.mov_20140210_123812.250

In-flight T V C


Shopping bag prints

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